Shandong Yingcai University, Jinan, China

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About Shandong Yingcai University, Jinan, China (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Shandong Yincai University was established in 1998. Shandong Yingcai University is a private, comprehensive four-year university granting full bachelor degrees, associate degrees, and diplomas to students in 90 different programmes. The university is located in Jinan, the capital city of Shandong Province, and consists of 2 campuses with a sie area of 223 ac and a floor area of 450,000 m2. Currently, the number of enrollment falls at about 36,400 students, which is the largest in China for a private institute. 

The university was accredited by the Chinese Ministry of Education of China. Yingcai has 11 Schools and a student body of more than 36,000, the largest private HE institution of the nation. Over ninety percent of its graduates find a job within six months of graduation. The university has over a thousand faculty and staff. It holds a large number of teaching equipments and facilities, including (by 2011) 10 mega-scale training centres, 4,150 personal computers, 15 language labs, 140 multimedia classrooms, and more than 70 professional labs. The libraries hold 1,800,000 books and more than 2,000 journals.

The university provides students with high-quality, accessible and affordable higher education that prepares them to enter the job market of the 21st century, and achieve their professional and personal goals. In the past 14 years since its founding, the university has won numerous honours and titles for its great achievements, such as "National Advancement in Integrity"; No. 1 in "Shandong HEI public satisfaction survey", "Excellent Civil Organisation of the Nation", "China's Private College with the Highest Developing Potential" and "Top Ten Private Universities of China".

The university encourages students to pursue academic excellence, and much more beyond that. As a rising star with integrity, entrepreneurship and quality at its heart, Yingcai prepares its students applicable skills and first-class global vision, which will help them go a long way in achieveing their professional and personal goals.

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