Shandong Wanjie Medical College, Zibo, China

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About Shandong Wanjie Medical College, Zibo, China (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Shandong Wanjie Medical University is a nationally-recognized university and one of the key medical universities in Shandong Province. The university has five provincial key subjects, which are clinical medine and surgery,medical immunology, stomatology, clinical nutrition supporting center (Hepatobiliary Surgery), Internal Medicine and Anthropotomy CHistology - Embryology. The university is affiliated with nine hospitals (including three directly-affiliated hospital). The university also issues two journals Hospital Statistics and Wanjie Medical University Transactions, which are published in China and abroad.

At present, there are 1100 teaching staff of which more than 506 have got advanced professional titles and 500 have got doctor and master degrees. There are 5 supervisors for doctoral students and nearly 205 for master students. There are 30 topnotch professionals at provincial and municipal levels 20 middle-aged and youth academic backbone at provincial level or above11 members with national allowance. And there are another 14 members who have been awarded the national labor modelthe national advanced work the Labor Day labor medal the national advanced teacher and the advanced worker in medicine.

Shandong Wanjie Medical University offers twelve master degree programs: Anatomy -Histology-Embryology; Immunology; Stomatology; Pathology & Pathophysiology and so on. The university offers thirteen bachelors undergraduate programs including clinical medicine, stomatology, nursing, biotechnology, traditional Chinese medicine, biotechnology, information management and information systems, anesthesiology, forensic medicine for legal case and so on.

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