4 years
Study mode
Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 14,000
RMB 86,000
Foreign students
USD 14,000
RMB 86,000
Other costs
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About this course

Sociology is one of the most important and influential disciplines in modern social sciences. Now it have developed into over 70 branches, including economic sociology, law sociology, sociology of management, social psychology, urban sociology, community management and so on. Since reform and openness, sociology in Chinahas advanced fast, many sociologist and specialists have done extensive studies towards social practices, contributed greatly to the benign movement and harmonious development of Chinese society. According to the forecast of specialists, talents in sociology will be needed urgently in the nation.

The specialization of sociology mainly trains students in technologies and aptitudes of organization management, community management, social analysis, psychological analysis, investigation and forecast of market, data processing, public relation, mass communication and so on. Graduates are mainly employed by Party and government organizations, units of policy study, units of education and sciences, the press and publications, companies and enterprises and so on. Excellent students are recommended for admission to the program of master graduate or go to study abroad.

Entry Requirements


  • High school graduates with a Chinese proficiency of HSK level 6.

Entrance exams:

  • Written test & interview. The written test covers subjects such as Chinese, history and geography, English and Mathematics.