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Ecology BSc

Course overview

Qualification Bachelor's Degree
Study mode Full-time
Duration 4 years
Intakes September
Tuition (Local students) Data not available
Tuition (International students) Data not available





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Local students
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Foreign students

Estimated cost as reported by the Institution.


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Local students
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Foreign students

Student Visa

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Foreign students

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Entry Requirements

Application Requirements include:

  • Applicants must be healthy foreign citizens who are friendly to China and willing to obey the laws and regulations of Chinese government.
  • Applicants shall submit the following:
    • High school certification, or equivalent. The study transcript shall be notarized if it is not in English or Chinese.
    • The HSK certificate or other Chinese study or proficiency certificate shall be provided if available.
    • Appropriate official application documents from the university.


Semester 1

  • Military Theory
  • Philosophy and Law
  • Career Planning
  • Physical Education
  • Computer Science Foundation
  • Atmospheric Science Overview
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Physics Experiment
  • English
  • Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry
  • Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry Experiment
  • General Biology
  • General Biology Experiment
  • General Biology Practice
  • Freshman Orientation

Semester 2

  • China History
  • Physical Education
  • Linear Algebra
  • Advanced Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Physics Experiment
  • English
  • C Programming Language Design or FORTRAN
  • Organic Chemistry and Experiment
  • General Biology
  • General Biology Experiment
  • Microbiology
  • General Biology Practice
  • Microbiology Experiment

Semester 3

  • China Philosophies
  • Physical Education
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Physics
  • English
  • Biochemistry
  • Biochemistry Experiment
  • Biometrics
  • Environmental Geology Foundations
  • Environmental Geology Foundations Practice

Semester 4

  • China Philosophies
  • Physical Education
  • English
  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant Physiology Experiment
  • General Ecology
  • General Ecology Experiment
  • Climate Change Overview
  • Urban Meteorology
  • Atmospheric Environment
  • General Ecology Practice

Semester 5

  • Ecological Engineering
  • Plant Ecology
  • Ecological Quantitative Methods and Software Application
  • Remote Sensing and Its Application in Ecology
  • Ecological Planning
  • Urban Ecology and Environment
  • GIS and Ecological Environment
  • Biological Technology
  • Biological Technology Experiment
  • Environmental Science Overview
  • Ecological Engineering Practice

Semester 6

  • Global Ecology
  • Ecological Meteorology
  • Soil Ecology
  • Ecological Assessment
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Environmental Monitoring Experiment
  • Ecotoxicology
  • Ecotoxicology Experiment
  • Comprehensive Meteorological Observation

Semester 7

  • Ecological Economics
  • Term Paper

Semester 8

  • Production Practice
  • Final Project

Maximum 6 courses for comparison!