Hebei University of Engineering, Handan, China

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About Hebei University of Engineering, Handan, China (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Hebei University of Engineering is situated in Handan, a city in China with a long history and rich cultural heritage and the hometown of Chinese idioms. The university is a joint construction by Hebei Provincial Government and the Ministry of Water Resources of China, with modern engineering education as its domineering characteristic.

Engineering stands out from the other 8 subject categories of the university which are: Science, Management, Agriculture, Medicine, Art, Economy and Law. There are 14 schools, 1 independent college (Kexin College) and 2 teaching departments which consist of 61 majors for undergraduate students, 37 sub-disciplines conferring master degrees for postgraduate students and 11 for master of engineering.

Hebei University of Engineering emphasizes educational innovation and pays special attention to the improvement and overall quality of education delivered to its students. It has 4 national specialties, 4 provincial experiment teaching centers, 4 provincial undergraduate educational innovation based and 8 provincial branded characteristic specialties. The employment ratio of graduates is one of the highest throughout the province.

The university's teaching philosophy centers around vigorous implementation of Quality Project management, as well as focus on cultivating "unto excellence in learning and practice" utilizing the talents of inter-disciplinary teams. The employment ratio of graduates consistently ranks highest among all the colleges and universities in Hebei Province. In 2007, the university passed the Ministry of Education Undergraduate Teaching Assessment with outstanding performance.

Students of the university have won 158 national prizes in all kinds of competitions such as Challenge Cup, the College-robot Contest and the National College Smart Car Contest and numerous other achievements. The male University basketball team has made many splendid achievements and also has won major titles in the Chinese University Basketball Association (CUBA), having won the first place in the Northeast Division of the fifth CUBA and the runner-up in the Northeast Division of the Thirteenth CUBA. The sports delegation of HBUE have won fourth place in the Seventh National University Games.

The projects presided by the university won 56 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards, 25 provincial and ministerial teaching achievement awards. It has published 128 academic works and 8,238 academic papers, 2,212 of which could be retrieved by the Three Retrieval System. The university actively has carried out exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries and established a long-term and stable relationship with the many well known and respected universities in American, Britain, Germany, Canada, Ukraine and Australia.

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