GIST International College, Suzhou Shi, China

Year founded
Student population
Male : female student ratio
40 : 60
March, September
Local : international
20 : 80

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Affordable Tuition Fee

It is affordable as you can earn an internationally recognized degree from either UK or US at 1/3 of the cost of actual studying in these countries.

Global Connections

Our strong links with industry partners provide countless opportunities for internship. An international exposure – more than 2,900 strong multinational companies and 100+ Fortune 500 companies in SIP.

International Community

Get absorbed into dynamic associative student life and be part of the international community in GIST International College.

Innovative Learning Environment

Study at the place where the innovation of the 21st Century is taking place. Be taught in English by highly qualified international lecturers and obtain a high level of professional expertise.

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About GIST International College, Suzhou Shi, China (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

GIST International College is the first standalone international college to be approved by the Jiangsu Provincial Government. We are set to lead a new dimension to offer an option to obtain a foreign degree from established universities around the world in Suzhou, China. It goes hand in hand with the emergence of China as the new world economic and technology powerhouse.

GIST International College provides high-quality education that supports the fast growth agenda of the region through our Colleges, training centres and partner network. We are strongly supported by our industrial partners, who include big names like Microsoft, Motorola, Cisco, Apple and a lot more, and all of them are present in SIP. Through our industrial partners, students have an opportunity to apply for internship in these companies.

You will also find two mobile technology laboratories, set up by Microsoft and Apple China, to train students in software and application design using Android & Apple's mobile operating system (iOS). These are real-life projects from these two giant companies; enabling students to create their own work portfolio and a possible opportunity to work in these major corporations upon graduation. Thus, in GIST International College, we DELIVER THE DIFFERENCE through innovation in our education policies and emphasis on skills development in line with academic excellence of our graduates.

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