6 months
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Foreign students
USD 1,676
RMB 10,300
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About this course

The Pre-University Program is provided for international students who have the fundamental knowledge of the Chinese language and intend to study in Chinese universities majoring in science and engineering as well as other undergraduate programs. It aims to further enhance students' Chinese proficiency and help international students to successfully finish bachelor degree study in Chinese. Moreover, it will provide effective instruction and intensive training in mathematics, physics, chemistry and English. After training, students may have the capacity to pass the HSK level 5 and take courses with together Chinese students.

Entry Requirements

  • Have graduated from Senior High school;
  • Have learned the Chinese language for one year with a capacity to pass the HSK level 3 and mastered 1200 Chinese words;
  • Intend to finish bachelor degree study in a Chinese university.