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Beijing Institute of Technology, Beijing, China
Beijing, China Ranked 79.00

About Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) is a highly esteemed science and technology university, providing over 70 years of education to students in the capital of China. BIT receives much funding from the national government as an important university in the science and technology field, which includes top programs in China such as Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Applied Mechanics, Optoelectronics, Information and Telecommunication, Automatic Control, Material Science and Technology, Applied Chemistry, Mathematics and Management Engineering. BIT also offers degrees in diverse areas such as business, the social science and humanities, law, design art, and foreign languages. 

BIT is also an international university with around 1200 foreign students studying on campus each year and provides many dual degree programs in undergraduate and graduate level for the international students. In the past decades, we have established student exchange agreement with 180 universities in the world. 

Thank you for your interests in Beijing Institute of Technology. As the top science and Technology University in the nation, we offer a high-level education for degree and language study. With top-tier faculty and programs, friendly staff, and a pleasant living environment, I know that you will not be disappointed in choosing BIT as your university of choice. With many strong and prestigious science and technology programs to choose from, you will receive quality education and have great future job prospects.

Your choice of BIT will be rewarded with a wonderful university experience. We look forward to welcoming you here in Beijing!


Ranked 79.00
2014 QS University Rankings: Asia

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