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Beijing Institute of Technology

Beijing, Beijing Shi, China
  • 79 2014 QS University Rankings: Asia
Campus setting Urban
Living cost USD 479 per month
Student population Large (More than 10,000)
International students 16%
Institution type Public

About Beijing Institute of Technology

Founded in 1940, the Beijing Institute of Technology has had an illustrious history. Shuffled around China from its place of origin, Yan'an, and renamed three times due to the War of Resistance Against Japan, the institute had merged with many other institutes before settling down in the region of Beijing.

Due to its old presence and its survival throughout China's key historical moments, curriculum at the university has been shaped to adapt and research; most of the focus on engineering, military technologies, national defence, industrial design and computer science. Now, it is a symbol of global influence, offering studies dedicated to science and technology co-exisiting with humanities and management discipline.

It is named one of China's national key universities and supervised under the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as a major research university.

BIT has established an inter-university colaboration with over 200 universities worldwide, offering student-exchange programmes with 60 institutions across 50 countries in 6 continents.

Campus information

BIT has three campuses in Beijing:

  • Zhong Guancun Campus (178 acres)
  • Liang Xiang Campus (500 acres)
  • Xishan Experimental Area (42 acres)

All campuses have facilities dedicated to many faculties and research centres; and is surrounded by many amenities including markets, townships and other basic neccessities to be found in a little town.


Undergraduate and postgraduates are allocated to accomodations based on major, year, class, etc. Undergraduates are based to the Liang Xiang campus, while postgraduates are based in the Zhong Guancun campus.

Additional info

The Beijing Institute of Technology also houses the BIT FC, one of China's best collegiate football teams.


Courses available 77

Accounting & Finance 5 Applied, Pure Sciences 13 Architecture, Building 1 Aviation 2 Business, Management 7 Computer Science, IT 4 Creative Arts & Design 4 Education and Teaching 1 Engineering 35 English Language 1 Health and Medicine 2 Humanities & Social Sciences 5 Law 3 Mandarin (Chinese Language) 2 MBA 1


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