Beijing Information Science & Technology University, Beijing, China

Year founded
Student population
Male : female student ratio
50 : 50
Local : international
100% local

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About Beijing Information Science & Technology University, Beijing, China (Summary, Fees, Scholarship, Campus Life, etc.)

Beijing Information Science & Technology University is a public university which provides both full-time and continuing education to approximately 15,000 students from China and abroad. The university was formed in 2008 by the combination of two older institutions: Beijing Institute of Machinery (BIM) and Beijing Information Technology Institute (BITI).

The university places strong emphases on engineering and management, and takes a coordinated approach to academic development in diverse disciplines ranging from science, engineering, and management to economics, humanities, and law. Enjoying the firm support of the Beijing Municipal Government, the university is now on a mission to educate students to become decent, hardworking people with remarkable practical skills to serve society.

Taking "Diligence in learning, honor for life" as the university motto, Beijing Information Science & Technology University encourages students to uphold the spirit of seizing every opportunity and overcoming every difficulty to rise to the challenge of ever being the best. As a firm proponent of an appropriate educational philosophy, the university is clear about its overriding objective and defined role, and keeps developing its unique strengths as a higher education establishment.

Currently the university runs 35 undergraduate programs, of which 4 are “State-level Academic Programs Recognized for Uniqueness” and 9 are “Beijing Municipal-level Academic Programs Recognized for Uniqueness”. BISTU boasts 1 “State-level Excellent Teaching Team”, 1 “State-level Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center”, and 1 “State-level Educational Center of Engineering Practice”. Besides, the university also has 8 “Beijing Municipal-level Excellent Teaching Teams”, 8 “Beijing Municipal-level Renowned Teachers”, 4 “Beijing Municipal-level Experimental Teaching demonstration Centers”, 4 “Beijing Municipal-level University Off-campus Talent Training Bases”, and 1 “Beijing Municipal-level University Innovative Initiative for Talent Training”.

Looking ahead, the university aims to create and sustain a university that will enjoy greater prestige in the fields of electronic information, modern manufacturing, mechatronics, knowledge management, and technological economics, etc. The university will remain in the front ranks of local institutions in Beijing and will strive for a top spot among national universities of the same tier at the earliest possible time.

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