Study Mass Communication and Media in China

Communication is the most crucial thing no matter what industry or sector. Learn how to effectively communicate and interact with everyone inside and outside the company
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If you want to gain skills to apply to any job in any country, get your degree in Mass Communication and Media.

Studying Mass Communication and Media helps students learn to write professionally, speak professionally, and think critically about the world. If people can perform these three tasks, they are unstoppable in the job market. If you decide to study Mass Communication and Media, China is the perfect country to take this opportunity.

Between China's rich history, delicious cuisine, and cultural diversity, international students flock to China. China is also famous for its high educational standards. The country has several projects in place to make sure its universities are held to the highest standards. As a result, the Chinese economy is booming, and graduates from Chinese universities are some of the most competitive job applicants worldwide.

Eligibility Requirements

In China, international students must meet the requirements of both the Chinese government and the Chinese university they are attending. Each level of study has different requirements, but generally, the qualifications are as follows.

If you enroll in courses taught in Mandarin, your Chinese university will require you to provide HSK results to prove your language proficiency. If your courses are taught in English, which is becoming increasingly popular in the country, you should provide TOEFL or TESOL results to prove you are proficient in the English language. You also need to have a high school diploma.

The Chinese government requires you have a student visa and a clear criminal record. In some cases, the government limits the number of accepted applicants from certain countries. You must be in a strong place financially, have a school to attend in China, and prove that you meet all the requirements of this university. If you are a transfer student, you also need to have proof of agreement between your Chinese school and your school in your home country.

Cost of Studying Mass Communication and Media in China

Tuition in China depends on both the university and the level of study. You can get your diploma, bachelor’s degree, or master’s degree. A diploma costs roughly USD2k per year. Bachelor’s programs can cost between USD2k and USD13k per year. Master’s degrees typically cost about USD 10k per year.



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