Bachelor of Arts in History

Course overview

Qualification Bachelor's Degree
Study mode Full-time, Part-time
Duration 4 years
Intakes January, May, September
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Entry Requirements

General entry requirements:

  • Satisfy the appropriate undergraduate,vocational,or university preparetory-level English proficiency requirement
  • Qualify under one of Kwantlen's admission categories
  • Satisfy specific program admission requirements

Year One Admission:

  • Grade of 'B' in English 12 (or equivalent)
  • Grade of 'C' in either Principles of Math 11 (or equivalent) or Applications of Math 12 (or equivalent).

Year Three Admission:

  • 60 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 (including all 1100- and 2000-level major/minor program requirements).
  • Grade of 'C' in all required 1000-and 2000-level courses, including the English writing requirement (ENGL 1100 and one of either ENGL 1202 or 1204, or equivalent).
  • Two Quantitative courses.
  • 12 credits of breadth courses
  • Grade of 'C' in either Principles of Math 11 (or equivalent) or Applications of Math 12 (or equivalent).
  • Second language at the Grade 11 level or 6 credits of post-secondary language courses in the same language.


  • Canada to 1867
  • Canada since 1867
  • Europe 1900-1939
  • Europe since 1939
  • Twentieth Century World I:1900-1945
  • Twentieth Century World II:1945-2000
  • American History 1607-1865
  • American History 1865-1974
  • Introduction to Traditional East Asia
  • Introduction to Modern East Asia
  • Introduction to South Asian History
  • Introduction to African History
  • Europe in the Middle Ages
  • Europe 1450-1789
  • Europe 1789-1914
  • Introduction to Wrold Civilizations
  • The Ancient World
  • Canadian-American Relations
  • Twentieth Century Britain
  • War in the Modern World
  • Late Imperial China
  • Japan under the Shoguns,1600 to 1868
  • The Fibre of Society:Textile Production and Global Development
  • Canadian Social History:Order and Disorder
  • The Balkans from 1543-1918
  • Russia to 1917
  • History of Soviet Union
  • Germany in the Long Nineteenth Century(1789-1914)
  • Twentieth Century Germany
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Colonial America
  • The American West
  • China in the Twentieth Century:Reforms and Revolutions
  • British India,1857-1947
  • The Indian Subcontinent since 1947
  • Modern Japan
  • World War II in the Pacific
  • Canada and World War I
  • British Home Front during World War II
  • Guerillas in the Mist:Terrorism in the Twentieth Century
  • Applications of History
  • British Society & Culture,1900-2000
  • Europe in the "Age of Dictators"
  • The Holocaust in History
  • Genocide in the Twentieth Century
  • The US since 1945
  • China & the West
  • Sages and Statecraft in China
  • Gandhi in History
  • Warriors of Japan:The Samurai
  • The Vietnam War in Historical Perspective
  • The Great Strategists
  • History of British Columbia
  • Quebec in Canada

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