Bachelor of Arts in Criminology

Course overview

Qualification Bachelor's Degree
Study mode Full-time, Part-time
Duration 4 years
Intakes January, May, September
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Entry Requirements

General entry requirements:

  • Satisfy the appropriate undergraduate,vocational,or university preparetory-level English proficiency requirement
  • Qualify under one of Kwantlen's admission categories
  • Satisfy specific program admission requirements

Year One Admission:

  • Grade of 'B' in English 12 (or equivalent)
  • Grade of 'C' in either Principles of Math 11 (or equivalent) or Applications of Math 12 (or equivalent).
Year Three Admission:
  • 60 credits with a cumulative GPA of 2.00 (including all 1100- and 2000-level major/minor program requirements).
  • Grade of 'C' in all required 1000-and 2000-level courses, including the English writing requirement (ENGL 1100 and one of either ENGL 1202 or 1204, or equivalent).
  • Two Quantitative courses.
  • 12 credits of breadth courses
  • Grade of 'C' in either Principles of Math 11 (or equivalent) or Applications of Math 12 (or equivalent).
  • Second language at the Grade 11 level or 6 credits of post-secondary language courses in the same language.


  • Introduction to Criminology
  • Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
  • Canadian Legal Systems
  • Introduction to Criminal Law
  • Methods of Research in Criminology
  • Interpersonal and Professional Development
  • Introduction to Psychology:Basic Processes
  • Introduction to Society:Processes and Structures
  • Introduction to Philosophy
  • Confronting Moral Issues:Introduction to Ethics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Introduction to Formal Logic
  • Quantitative Data Analysis 1
  • Psychological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour
  • Sociological Explanations of Criminal Behaviour
  • Canadian Criminal Justice Administration
  • Criminal Justice and Psychology
  • Crime,Criminal Justice and the Media
  • Introduction to Policing
  • Women,Girls and Crime
  • Corrections:Theory and Practice
  • Youth Justice
  • Procedure and Evidence
  • Quantitatice Data Analysis 2
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Advance Theories of Crime and Community
  • Contemporary Sociological Criminology
  • Critical Criminology
  • Contemporary Psychology Criminology
  • White-Collar and Corporate Crime
  • Community Corrections
  • Issues in Youth Justice
  • Community Safety and Crimer Prevention
  • Minorities and the Criminal Justice System
  • Policy and Program Evaluation
  • Law and Society
  • Issues in Conflict Resolution
  • Philosphy of Law
  • Administrative and Regulory Law
  • Community Advocacy and Human Rights
  • Crime Mapping
  • Mental Disorder and Canadian Law
  • Directed Studies
  • Ethics and Professional Development
  • Special Topics

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