Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies

Kwantlen Polytechnique University(KPU)
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Bachelor's Degree
Study mode
Full-time, Part-time
4 years
January May September
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Entry Requirements

General entry requirements:

  • Satisfy the appropriate undergraduate,vocational,or university preparetory-level English proficiency requirement
  • Qualify under one of Kwantlen's admission categories
  • Satisfy specific program admission requirements

Year One Admission:

  • a grade of 'B' in English 12 (or equivalent) and
  • a grade of 'C' in either Principles of Math 11 (or equivalent) or Applications of Math 12.
Year Three Admission:
  • Students may also enter the BA in CCJ in year three on completion of an Associate of Arts in Criminology (or equivalent) with a CGPA of 2.00 or higher.



1000 Level

  • The Religions of India 
  • Religions of East Asia
  • Introduction to Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture
  • Introduction to Traditional East Asia
  • Introduction to South Asian History

2000 Level

  • Introduction to Chinese and Japanese Cinema
  • Tea in China and Japan
  • Folklore of China and Japan
  • Martial Arts of China and Japan
  • South Asians Around the Globe
  • Indian Society Through Popular Film
  • Women in Modern India
  • The Chinese Overseas: A Global History of Chinese Migration
  • Readings in Asian Studies
  • Regional Geography of East Asia
  • Regional Geography of South Asia
  • Late Imperial China
  • Japan under the Shoguns
  • Asian Philosophy
  • Comparative Politics of Asia
  • Racialization and Ethnicity in Canada
  • Gods in the Global Village
  • Canadian East and South Asian Communities

3000 Level

  • Sikh Culture, Religion and Society
  • East Asian Archeology
  • Environment and Society in East Asia
  • Hong Kong: Past, Present, and Future
  • East Asian Immigrants to North America
  • Gender in East Asia
  • Ethnicity in China and Japan
  • Chinese Cinema and Society
  • Islam in South Asia
  • Diasporic Literatures
  • China in the Twentieth Century
  • British India, 1857–1947
  • The Indian Subcontinent since 1947
  • Modern Japan
  • World War II in the Pacific
  • Japanese Culture and Business
  • Japanese Culture Through Film
  • Contemporary Japanese Society and Culture: Field School
  • Study of Cultures (discontinued)
  • Government and Politics of India
  • Chinese Government and Politics
  • International Migration and Ethnic Communities

4000 Level

  • Canadian East and South Asian Communities
  • Advanced Topics in Asian Cinema
  • Selected Topics in Asian Studies
  • Directed Research Project in Asian Studies
  • China and the West
  • Sages and Statecraft in China
  • Gandhi in History
  • The Samurai
  • The American Experience in Vietnam
  • Understanding Japanese Culture through Literature
  • The Politics of Multiculturalism in Canada
  • Diversity and the Media

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