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About this course

The Mathematics major is based on a variety of courses in pure and applied mathematics. Students who complete the major will acquire a broad background in the fundamental branches of classical and modern analysis, algebra and discrete structures, differential equations and applications, probability theory, and both theoretical and applied statistics. The major will provide an invaluable opportunity for students interested in developing significant mathematical skills with a selection of advanced courses, which will introduce them to some modern lines of contemporary mathematics and its applications to other sciences. The major prepares students for professional careers or advanced academic work not only in mathematics but also in many mathematics-intensive areas such as quantitative finance, actuary science, economics, computer science, natural sciences, and many more.

The Mathematics curriculum is designed to enable all graduates to achieve the following skill- or competency-based student outcomes:

  • articulate basic and advanced mathematical information accurately and effectively 
  • learn classical and modern mathematical theories, models and techniques 
  • show mastery of basic and specialized mathematical knowledge and skills 
  • create models of real phenomena and analyze them using a broad background of methods from classical and modern analysis, algebra, discrete mathematics, probability theory, theoretical and applied statistics 
  • work as an effective individual and as a part of a team on problems and projects requiring specific mathematical knowledge 
  • gain abilities to abstract essential information, make correct logical deductions, read, understand and construct solutions of multiple-step problems from various areas of pure and applied mathematics.

Entry Requirements

English Language Requirements:

  • IBT (Internet Based TOEFL): 80
  • PBT – (Paper Based TOEFL): 550
  • IELTS – (International English Language Testing System): 6.5
  • CPE – (Certificate of Proficiency in English): ≥ C
  • CAE – (Certificate in Advanced English): ≥ B
  • Other equivalent qualifications accepted/recognised by the university.