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USD 45,200
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About this course

The Literature Major is a rigorous, critical, academic program that pairs close 
textual analysis and theoretical perspectives. Students who major in Literature will engage with a wide variety of texts in order to develop skills in close reading and textual analysis. They will also develop an understanding of literary history, genre  conventions, and modern practices in literary theory and research.

Literature majors will learn to develop, support, and articulate complex arguments about texts and to present those arguments and insights in a well-crafted, articulate, and responsive manner. The Literature Major also promotes the development of a sense of literary, cultural, and social history across multiple nations, ethnicities, and eras. 

The Literature Major is designed to enable all graduates to meet the following  outcomes: 

  • demonstrate an understanding of major works of British, American, and  World literatures. 
  • demonstrate an understanding of the ways in which meaning is created and  crafted in literary works. 
  • develop close reading skills and an understanding of literary and rhetorical  conventions.
  • produce logically developed, rhetorically coherent, thoroughly researched  papers that are both convincing and creative. 
  • demonstrate literary knowledge, both theoretical and practical, necessary  to flourish in liberal arts professions and/or future graduate studies. 

Literature majors will thus be well-prepared for careers in such areas as writing, publishing, public relations, library sciences, and teaching; for graduate programs in the liberal arts; and for professional programs leading to the study of law. 

Entry Requirements

English Language Requirements:

  • IBT (Internet Based TOEFL): 80
  • PBT – (Paper Based TOEFL): 550
  • IELTS – (International English Language Testing System): 6.5
  • CPE – (Certificate of Proficiency in English): ≥ C
  • CAE – (Certificate in Advanced English): ≥ B
  • Other equivalent qualifications accepted/recognised by the university.