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About this course

The program in Economics provides both the theoretical foundation and practical empirical tools necessary to function as an economist in today's complex economic world. These theories and tools are analyzed both within the institutional structure of developed market economies and in their specific applications to developing and non-market economies.

Although the fields of specialization of the Economics major are not formally specified, one can identify three broad topics: macroeconomics, microeconomics, and empirical (data) analysis.

The Economics curriculum is designed to enable all graduates to meet the following skill or competency-based student outcomes:

  • analyze social phenomena in the context of their interrelationships with economic outcomes
  • use appropriate graphical or statistical analysis to demonstrate the effects of changes in significant variables to economic outcomes
  • analyze and predict the effect of changes in economic variables on related variables within the context of a coherent interrelated economic model
  • analyze how the markets function, how they allocate real and financial resources, and when they may fail to function properly
  • explain in written and in oral form the reasoning and application of economic analysis to social or political issues.

The Economics program trains students not only for advanced education in graduate and professional schools, but also prepares students for immediate entry into business and government careers where economic insight and analytical ability are valued.

Entry Requirements

English Language Requirements:

  • IBT (Internet Based TOEFL): 80
  • PBT – (Paper Based TOEFL): 550
  • IELTS – (International English Language Testing System): 6.5
  • CPE – (Certificate of Proficiency in English): ≥ C
  • CAE – (Certificate in Advanced English): ≥ B
  • Other equivalent qualifications accepted/recognised by the university.