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Why Study in American University in Bulgaria

Study Abroad

If you want to explore the world, AUBG is a perfect choice. Apart from being an uber-international place, AUBG offers its students multiple opportunities to take part in exchange programs choosing from over 100 universities in more than 10 countries. Not only do we actively encourage our students to go on exchange, but also provide financial help for those who need it via our travel fund.

English-Language Education

The academic experience at AUBG takes place entirely in English, which is also the primary language of interaction outside the classroom, allowing students to communicate, advance their future careers and gain access to knowledge easily.


At AUBG students receive high-quality, American style education in the heart of New Europe and at just a fraction of the investment for obtaining a degree in the US or Western Europe.

Outstanding Academic Quality

AUBG is home to an international faculty body comprising world-renowned experts in the field of academia as well as experienced practitioners. Degree programs and curriculum are regularly upgraded and modernized to respond to the ever-increasing demands of the global business environment.

Courses Offered


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About American University in Bulgaria

The American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) is an American style liberal arts university that offers high-quality, affordable liberal arts education. Young talents from around the world gather at AUBG attracted by the opportunity to dive in the atmosphere of academic excellence and receive a globally-recognized diploma for 80% less than the cost of its equivalent in the U.S. 

With 99 percent of students employed or enrolled in a higher degree university program within six months of graduation, it is no wonder that AUBG is home to bright minds from 40 countries as well as top international faculty. Instruction and communication outside the classroom take place in English, allowing students to connect, advance their future careers and gain access to knowledge easily. The liberal arts style of education teaches students how to think, not what to think and provides a broad overview of a variety of fields, while ensuring in-depth specialization in the chosen disciplines. 

AUBG provides diverse program proposals and great freedom in selecting additional courses. In this manner, students are able to design their own curriculum. The small class sizes enable close personal mentorship.

AUBG’s faculty come from the world’s top schools (Harvard, Princeton and more) and work tirelessly on applying the newest teaching and hands-on learning methods. 

Young people at AUBG are given the opportunity to learn actively outside the classroom and enjoy a very diverse and rewarding extracurricular environment. AUBG boasts more than 40 student clubs and societies where undergraduates gather to fulfill their interests and passions.

If students are looking to broaden their horizons, they have the opportunity to choose from exchange programs with over 300 partner universities in 10 different countries.

More than half of the students at AUBG are international.  In Fall 2015, out of about a thousand students, 55% were from Bulgaria and 45% from countries like Russia, Albania, Mongolia or U.S.


American University in Bulgaria (AUBG)

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