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Applied Science University (ASU)

Aligarh, Bahrain
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About Applied Science University (ASU)

ASU is striving to become one of the leading universities in the Kingdom of Bahrain and in the wider Gulf region. The university aims to support the economic and social development of the Kingdom of Bahrain by providing degree programmes at both the undergraduate and post graduate levels. Our programmes are grounded in a pedagogical framework that aims to develop our student's understanding of key theories and concepts through knowledge acquisition and the development of practical skills and life-long learning skills, while preparing our student's for a range of career paths within their chosen field or discipline. The university aims to provide its students with a high quality learning experience by ensuring an up-to-date curriculum for its degree programmes that meet the demands of private industry and the public sector alike, locally, regionally and internationally. ASU employs experienced and well qualified academics that can support student learning and the overall student experience through provision of research informed teaching, supported by a comprehensive range of learning and assessment methods.

This approach produces ASU graduates that are well-equipped and capable of facing on-going challenges in their professional careers. 

Campus information

The university relocated to its new purposebuilt campus in September 2013, covering an area of 24,000 sq. meters. It is designed to accommodate around 2,100 students at the same time, to reach a capacity of 6,300 students distributed across mornings, evenings and weekends. The campus is designed to provide a suitable educational atmosphere in accordance with the highest international and local standards using the latest electronic technology in classrooms, including design studios, lecture halls, computer labs, language and specialized laboratories, as well as a hightech library and a 'state-of-the-art' lecture theatre with 320 seats, in addition, Wi-Fi connection is available across the campus. The university is currently in the process of building several sports facilities including tennis, handball, volleyball, basketball and badminton courts. 10 The new building design meets international standards and supports the development of the Tubli Bay area of Bahrain. The design took into account a set of principles and considerations that are compatible with the Higher Education Council's decision for the year 2007 with regards to the list of higher education's buildings and facilities requirements. The new university campus consists of 3 main buildings. The first building being the academic building consists of six floors and a ground floor featuring the front yard and entrance hall, the deanship of admissions and registration, cafes, lounges and a library. The library includes all the requirements and the issues set forth by the Higher Education Council, in addition to 13 research chambers, computers in electronic library and enough shelves to house 23 thousand books and references. The academic building spans over a 14,000 sqm area and consists of 7 floors, plus 4 extra floors with a clock tower — headquarters, academic faculty, colleges, the deanship of scientific research and graduate studies.

The second building is the administrative and services building. With a total area of 2200 sqm, this building includes administrative offices and areas for student activities, including the ground floor which includes a hall for exhibitions and seminars, in addition to the administrative offices of the university's president, vice presidents and department managers and meeting rooms. The third building is the training center and it consists of two floors with a total area of 1266 sqm 633 sqm per floor. 

The location of the campus takes into account its geographical position — lying between Manama and Riffa, it is in the Central Governorate which is an area of high population, making it easily accessible from the remotest parts of Bahrain within a period of time that normally does not exceed 20 minutes. 


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