18 months
Jul Feb
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USD 32,166
AUD 44,701
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About this course

The Master of Screenwriting is designed for those who have a desire to write audience-engaged stories for a visual medium and for people wishing to work as professional screenwriters.

Semester one is classroom-intensive and is an introduction to the many facets of screenwriting. You take part in ‘Storytelling Workshops’ which analyse the universal essentials of storytelling. You also attend lectures, classes and screenings dedicated to the craft of screenwriting and undertake intensive modules focusing on feature film and television writing.

Semester two focuses on writing a first draft of your major project.  You develop your script with the assistance of script tutorials, feedback from your lecturer and peers, and a unique script development hothouse.  During this semester you also gain skills in giving and receiving creative feedback on your scripts. A first draft feature screenplay, or a TV Bible plus episode(s) of a script, are the expected outcomes after first year.

In semester three you are expected to implement skills you have learned to focus on redrafting your major project as you complete a second or third draft.  Script tutorials plus lecturer and peer feedback is maintained throughout. In this semester, you also learn about the Australian and international screenwriting landscape.

Entry Requirements

  • An undergraduate degree or equivalent qualification, with a GPA of 65% over the last two years of study; or
  • At least five years of documented relevant work experience related to film and television, with evidence of artistic ability and achievement or practice comparable to that expected of undergraduate degree holders in relevant disciplines; and
  • A folio of past work.