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About this course

The MFA (Music Theatre) offers practice-led research into music theatre – a term widely interpreted as forms of theatre in which music is an essential element in the making or the performance of the work, and also as musical theatre, in its various incarnations from its early formations in the nineteenth century to current commercial productions, not-for-profit developments and experimental shows. Creative research projects may investigate areas of practice, performance, writing, composition or training, with the imperative to develop scholarly engagement which leads to the dissemination and contribution of new knowledge and understanding in the field. Most projects may develop research by means of the candidate’s own artistic practice, which will be accompanied by a critical dissertation. Other forms of research, however, may strictly focus on historical or current forms of music theatre practices and debates, including performance reception, and result in a conventional fully written dissertation.

Practice-led research projects outcomes might include the development of a book or score for a new work, training methods, a performance work, or other creative artefacts. The onus will be on candidates to ensure that their artistic work can provide the framework and process for the investigation of a meaningful research inquiry.  The use of on-site facilities and venues may be facilitated on a case-by-case basis, and negotiated at the time of application.

A creative submission is deemed as research only so far as it exemplifies, embodies or demonstrates the specific problematic that permeates the candidate’s inquiry. In other words, the practice ought to serve as a formal and necessary process towards answering or investigating a research inquiry. A successful practice-led MFA must be able to articulate and disseminate their research enquiry and its outcomes in a rigorous and meaningful way, both in its practical mode and also its dissertational form.

Entry Requirements

One of:

  • An honours degree with at least H2A (75%) average, including a major relevant to the stream to which entry is sought, or equivalent; or
  • A relevant undergraduate degree with at least H2A (75%) average and at least two years of documented work experience relevant to the stream to which entry is sought; or
  • An undergraduate degree in any discipline and at least five years of documented work experience relevant to the stream to which entry is sought; or
  • At least five years of documented relevant work experience related to the stream to which entry is sought and demonstrating outstanding artistic ability, together with evidence of ability in academic writing and research or scholarship appropriate for postgraduate study;


  • Performance in one or more of an audition, test, interview, workshop, portfolio or folio presentation, as prescribed by the Academic Board for the stream to which entry is sought.