18 months
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Full-time & Part-time
Tuition fee (entire course)
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USD 23,487
AUD 32,640
Foreign students
USD 34,713
AUD 48,240
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About this course

The Master of Food Science and Technology will cover the integrative disciplines of food science and food technology in 2 years. In this program, you will gain a comprehensive theoretical and practical knowledge within fields of food science and food technology, and you will have the opportunity to apply these in either a research project or an industry placement. Graduates will be able to apply leadership, research and problem-solving skills to meet the global challenges associated with feeding the world, by contributing to the provision of high quality, safe and nutritionally valuable food and food products, as well as having an understanding of the global policy dialogue on food and food products. It is an ideal program for professionals seeking to expand their career prospects into a wide range of government, commercial, community-based or research roles in the broad field of food science and technology.

Entry Requirements

  • A four-year bachelor degree in food science or a relevant discipline.