2 years
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USD 19,429
AUD 27,000
Foreign students
USD 19,429
AUD 27,000
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About this course

The Holmes MBA will provide you with the understanding, knowledge and skills necessary to explain and discuss essential principles and practices of business through the study of the fundamental core subjects in business and management.

The core curriculum develops your understanding and ability to interpret financial statements and marketing plans, analyse markets, read audit reports and develop business plans.

Knowing how to read financial statements is important during the evaluation of a vendor's financial standing. Knowing how to interpret marketing plans and conduct a market analyse will help you identify a vendor's strengths and overall strategies.

Because the Holmes MBA is a master's-level academic program, you will produce comprehensive assessments for each subject. 

The ability to research business business topics and analyse current business opportunities will quickly give a competitive edge in your workplace.

The Holmes MBA will allow you to develop comprehensive understandings of your organisation's operating environment. From this knowledge you will be able to help your organisation move forward and become a more valuable asset in the organisation. The overall importance of leadership is an integral principle in the Holmes MBA. The degree will provide the knowledge and skills to lead an organisation using advanced technology, innovative practices and enterprise management systems which work.