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DNA - Kingston College

Belmont, Western Australia, Australia
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About DNA - Kingston College

DNA Kingston Training / Dental Nursing Australia is an award 
winning training organisation 
since 1999. Quality training with 
work experience and employment support. Outstanding outcomes 
for our Graduates both Local and International students. With 
pathways and credit recognition 
with TAFE Colleges and 

DNA Kingston Training Colleges
are located in:

• Belmont
• South Perth
• Bunbury
• Mandurah
• Geraldton


DNA Kingston Training has been involved with training since 1999 and is currently Registration with Accreditation Council of Western Australia as a Registered Training Organisation with an approved scope of training under the provision for the Australian Quality Training Framework. Under this process we implement State and National registration policies and procedures incorporating the Framework for Competency Based Assessment and Skills recognition Framework and implement policies and procedures to meet the National Training Framework.

DNA Kingston Training is also registered under (CRICOS) The Commenwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students.

DNA Kingston Training are the proud winners of the Training Excellence Award in Western Australia 'Small Training Provider of the Year 2002" and have reached the finals at the Department of Education and Training, "Training Excellence Awards" 2003, 2004 (commendation), 2005 and 2007.

The Students attain training through Part-time, Full-time and Correspondence delivery with new year and mid year intakes with colleges located in Bunbury, Mandurah, South Perth, Geraldton and Albany. Our International Student Training is now a large part of our training opportunities, with students entering from all parts of the world to complete our Full-time Cert IV and Diploma programmes in Dental Auxiliary training.

The courses are diverse and suit all backgrounds, looking for a career in the Health and Dental Professions from Cert II level through to Diploma and Advanced Diploma levels.

Our Graduates attract the positions in the elite Dental Practices in Australia, sustaining some of the highest remuneration packages in the Dental Profession.

We are endeavouring to raise the bar in quality of Dental Ausxiliary training, providing highly trained Staff to meet the needs of Australian and the World Dental Professions in Government Service areas, Provate Dental Surgeries and Specialist Dental Centres.

We incorporate comprehensive General Dentistry techniques with Patient Centric, Marketing Management, Reception and Specialist skills in Theatre techniques, Orthodontics, Oral / Maxillo-facial Surgery, Endodontics, Periodontics and Prosthodontics. The focus is to enhance professionalism, strong work ethic, excellence in practical competency and performance.

Students in our programmes are looking for a professional rewarding career, which will take them through different levels and opportunities in the Dental Profession. DNA Kingston Training support their career aspirations with offering employment support, Post Graduate training in Oral Surgery / Implant Technology, Radiography and Practice Management.

Our 22 Staff are one of the major assets at DNA Kingston Training. Our Lecturing team are all current in Industry, fully qualified in the Dental Profession with many years experience and in many fields from Dental Surgeons, Dental Therapists, Dental Technicians, Practice Managers, Dental Nurses and Dental Assistants, experienced in delivering training with appropriate qualifications in Cert IV Training. All are focused on achieving appropriately trained Dental Auxiliary Staff for our modern age in the Dental Profession. With some of the most respected lectureres in Australia, we have developed a blend of very employable Dental Auxiliary Graduates. Ensuring Australia is one of the leaders in World for the most innovative, high performance Dental Auxiliary Staff.

Part of our success in training has been due to the unique partnership with Dental Health Services, Australian Dental Association, Private Dental Surgeons, Oral Health Centre of Western Australia and Dental Product Companies who have provided an opportunity for the Students to experience hands on Dentistry with our Lecturers and Assessors supporting the Students out in the field.

DNA Kingston Training works closely with the individual Student, customising training for the individual when necessary, provide guidance for the Student and listen to any problems or contributions they would like to see in their training. We endeavour to make the training in DNA Kingston Training Colleges a rewarding experience. Students enjoying their learning cutlure and achieving above their own expectations.

DNA Kingston Training is very proud of its caring approach and family values in our training programmes. DNA Kingston Training ensure all students the opportunity to deal with family issues as a priority while undertaking training, without loosing vital ground in the training process. We see family stability as the unpinning strength in our society and training strategies.

We wish you all an enjoyable journey ahead with DNA Kingston Training.

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