6 months
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USD 7,411
AUD 10,300
Foreign students
USD 9,354
AUD 13,000
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About this course

In this course you will examine project management and its processes, including history, definitions, attributes, body of knowledge, objectives and success. You’ll explore the characteristics and activities of the project life cycle, along with the functions of planning, organisation and control. You’ll consider cost and value management processes within a project environment, including methods and techniques of estimating, budgeting and controlling. Time management is also a focus of this course, covering time programming and scheduling, line of balance, time estimating, constraints, resources, control monitoring, analysis and reporting.
Your studies will be supported by an exploration of organisational development and the design of organisational structures, including perceptions, personality, motivation, leadership, group processes, performance appraisal, conflict and work redesign. The structure of this course varies depending on which trimester you commence your studies in.

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor degree or equivalent, or a minimum of five years' relevant management experience.
  • Meet Curtin's English competency requirements.