6 months
Feb Jul
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Tuition fee (entire course)
Local students
USD 7,411
AUD 10,300
Foreign students
USD 9,354
AUD 13,000
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About this course

In this course you will study a range of specialised accounting topics. You will be introduced to management accounting and cost terms, exploring job order costing systems and new costing methods, cost behaviour, planning and special decision-making issues. The budget process is also a key feature in this course. You will learn typical accounting information systems applications such as sales, billing, purchasing, inventory and general ledger. Key topics in financial accounting are also explored. To complement your core studies, you will choose from a range of specialist accounting topics to support your current and future career needs.

Entry Requirements

  • A bachelor degree in a field other than accounting or significant and relevant work experience (typically at least five years). 
  • Meet Curtin's English competency requirements.