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Australian Institute of Music

Surry Hills, New South Wales, Australia

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

2 weeks, 4 days ago


My sister studied in AIM (contemporary performance) and she thought it was great and life-changing. the overall courses and opportunities in AIM is framed better for contemporary musicians.


I am a classical musician and with my experience with their admins, i would not recommend it. I auditioned and applied for AIM (both BMus - composition and BMus - performance). They only offered me the degree in composition but not performance. I deferred for a semester and told them I would give them a response before next semester starts. Then next semester comes, this time I also auditioned for QLD Con, sending a video with better sound quality, accompanist and repertoire choice. QLD got back to me that they are offering me both BMus - performance and composition. Since I want to study BMus - performance more, I told AIM I would decline their BMus - composition offer. The admin manager asked me whether I’d stay if they could offer me BMus - performance. I said I might consider (I’m from Sydney & all my friends/family are here). They told me to RE-APPLY, which normally means u send in a new video. I told them the sound quality & repertoire in my QLD Con audition video were much better and I can send them that. BUT to my surprise, they ask me to show them my offer letter instead from Qld Con. This is what the admin office said to me: no need to send me your audition video again, just send me your offer letter from Qld Con & I will try to get you an offer, I will send it to the teachers and see if they change their minds. This gives me a feeling that they are not wanting to take me as their student coz of how well I performed, but it’s coz another prestigious music school offered me a degree. So I told the admin that I’m set on Qld Con, they still was trying to convince me to stay by saying how AIM is very famous & how it is better than Qld Con. What they said just made me feel even more disappointed in them. To be very honestly, I have my LMus and also distinction in LTCL. It really came to me as a surprise that both Syd Con and QLD Con accepted me but not AIM. So in this case they are just a very big dumper and I’m not the only classical musician who’s experienced this. If you’re a classical musician & want to really maximise your skills, connections etc. they might not have the best program. At the end of the day, this is just my experience. I don’t want to discourage anyone from applying for AIM but to me, this is just what it looks like.

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