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Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS)

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Student review

Anonymous reviewer

1 month, 1 week ago


The only good thing I can say is that the lecturers were good. ................................................................................


I paid for the correspondence degree in full up front which I was enticed to do so because I was able to get it discounted for that. I was not told that the materials for the entire course would be sent to me at once. By the time I came to study things the materials were out of date. A lot of the materials looked like a 2 year old had put them together with illegible photocopying from books which I had to fight them for to be replaced. I also found out after commencing and paying that the course wasn't accredited which I didn't know as I was not aware of the industry requirements as I had not been in the industry before. It was their duty to disclose this to me, yet they didn't . They just wanted to get me signed up and paid for. After finding out the course wasn't accredited, I asked for a refund on the uncompleted portion of the course which was most of it. They refused to give any money back. I lost over $10000. I am not a wealthy person. They are not a good business.

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