Advanced Diploma of Management

Australian Academy of Commerce
New South Wales, Australia
Advanced Diploma
Study mode
10 months
February July
Tuition fee (local)
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Tuition fee (foreign)
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Entry Requirements

In reference to the Business Services Training Package policy on pre-requisites the Australian Academy of Commerce endeavours to bring the candidate to an appropriate level matching their skills, attributes, experiences and potential. In determining whether a candidate has the required competency for entry, the full requirements of the competency standards of the qualification are considered. These include underpinning knowledge and skills, the language, literacy and numeracy requirements and the levels of attainment of the Key Competencies with the corresponding Performance Levels of each unit of the qualification. The determination of entry requirements and progression between levels are assessed by the Principal &/or the Academic Consultant.

The Academy ensures that all qualifications lead to a work outcome with the broadest possible combination of skills and attributes for maximum employability in the business sector.


  • Manage organizational change
  • Provide leadership across the organisation
  • Manage risk
  • Develop and implement diversity policy
  • Manage innovation and continuous improvement
  • Establish and maintain strategic networks
  • Develop and implement strategic plans
  • Manage knowledge and information

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