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Lifestyle in Australia

November 11, 2017

EasyUni Staff

Australia is a country of a unique blend of established traditions and new influences. Generally, most of the Australia’s people are migrants or descendants of migrants who have arrived in Australia.

Language and Religion

All Australians and all the people who are currently lived in Australia, they have the right to express their culture and belief to participate freely in Australia’s national life.

All students are encouraged to learn and speak English. However, other languages than English are also valued, because Australians speak more than 200 languages, including Indigenous Australian languages.

In terms of religions, Australia has no official state religion and people are free to practice any religion they choose, as long as they follow and obey the national law.

National Cuisines

Australia has one of the most various cuisines in the world and one of the world’s most efficient agricultural nations that produces high-quality vegetables, fruit and grains, meat, poultry, seafood, and cheeses and other dairy products.

Australians enjoy a huge range of food in restaurants and homes, reflecting the country’s cultural diversity. Italian, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Greek, Thai, Malay, French and Vietnamese restaurants are common in the capital cities. 

Mostly, every Australian is always having barbecue burnt bacon, eggs and sausage for breakfast, barbecued burnt sausage and onion sandwich for lunch and barbecued burnt steak and sausage for dinner.

However, in Northern Australian restaurants, bush tucker is one of the traditional Australian dish where kangaroo, buffalo, crocodile and emu can often be found on menus.


There are many type of transportation in Australia. All of the Australia’s capital cities   are served by a wide variety of public transport, including trains, buses, ferries, monorail, light rail, trams and Taxi that charged according to their meter.

All the public buses and trains in Australia are comfortable, easy and economical for students. The public transport generally has air conditioning, reading lights, adjustable seats and videos. The services are frequent, affordable and efficient. However, Motorcycles and Cars are also another popular way of getting around for international comers who want to travel a significant distance.

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